Carroll AP Booster Board 2023-2024

Our Booster is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for Carroll ISD. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


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President - Inna Dietrich
The President shall preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint all committees as the need arises and as deemed necessary to promote the objectives of the Carroll AP Boosters and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all such committees, except the Nominating Committee. The President shall represent the Carroll AP Boosters in communications with the school administration, other school organizations, and the public.

Secretary - Aslama Vangala
The Secretary shall record and retain the minutes of all regular meetings and Executive Board meetings and shall provide a copy of the minutes to the President and Vice President within ten days of the previous meeting. Minutes of the prior months meeting shall be emailed to members for approval prior to the next month’s meeting. The Secretary shall handle miscellaneous correspondence for the Carroll AP Boosters organization as the need arises and shall provide a membership register at each meeting for members to sign.

Treasurer - John Lemkey 
The Treasurer shall keep all financial records for all Carroll AP Boosters activities and shall be responsible for accounting and depositing all monies. The Treasurer shall be responsible for paying all authorized purchases. The Treasurer shall render a monthly financial report to the organization at the regularly scheduled general membership meetings. The Treasurer shall have the authority to co-sign checks on behalf of the Carroll AP Boosters. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the prompt and accurate filing of Form 990 after the 6/30 year-end closing as per the Federal Tax Laws. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the filing of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Return as required, either quarterly or yearly, by the State of Texas Comptroller. All tax returns and official filings shall be completed prior to transfer of duties.

Programs -  Monica Mehta
The Programs Chair shall organize and advertise our educational programs throughout the year.  The Programs Chair will coordinate with sponsors, community leaders, CISD staff and other presenters to provide excellent informational programs for Carroll AP Booster Members and community members.

Membership - Mary Lee Harder
The Membership Chair shall organize and conduct a membership drive at the beginning of the school year. Individual and business memberships will be solicited, acknowledged and documented. The Membership Chair shall maintain the Carroll AP Boosters’ mailing list/directory. The Wufoo Chair shall coordinate with the Communications Chair and Membership Chair to register current and new Members, utilizing the Carroll AP Booster website signup form.

Fundraising - Dawn Tongish
The Fundraising Chair shall identify and organize fundraising activities. The Fundraising Chair shall coordinate with the Social Media and Communications Chairs to promote the fundraising campaigns and efforts of the Carroll AP Boosters to raise money.

Social Media - Dawn Tongish
The Social Media Chair shall be responsible for the messaging on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other appropriate social media sites that engage Carroll AP Boosters information.

Communications/Website - Elizabeth Janning
The Newsletter and Communications Chair shall prepare a periodic newsletter to all Carroll AP Boosters detailing AP news, events involving the AP and Honors program(s) and the Carroll AP Boosters, etc. This Chair shall also be responsible for communicating to the CISD and news media any accomplishments, events or activities of interest involving the Carroll AP program and Carroll AP Boosters.

Volunteer Coordinator - Stacy Flanagan
The Volunteer Coordinator shall organize volunteer sign-ups at events early in the school year. Volunteer names and phone numbers shall be distributed to the appropriate coordinators. The Volunteer Coordinator shall help schedule volunteers as needed during the year.

Enrichment Grants - Sudheera Upadhyayula & Rina Sanghavi
The Enrichment Grants Chair shall work with the principals and the district’s Advanced Academic Coordinator to distribute the enrichment grant forms to the appropriate teachers, review the requests and prioritize needs, and submit the needs lists to the Carroll AP Boosters for approval. Once the list is approved, the chair will work with the AP Boosters Treasurer and Communications Chair to distribute checks and obtain publicity. Qualifying teachers include all AP, Pre-AP and Honors teachers from the high school, senior high school, middle schools and intermediate schools.

Scholarships - Michelle Ciccone
The Scholarship Chair shall be chaired by an elected officer or ex-officio officer. The Scholarship Chair position is responsible for ensuring the utmost integrity in the management of the Carroll AP Booster Scholarship process. This process includes a detailed matrix with instructions for evaluation of all applicants, the scholarship application, and the selection of the scholarship team. The Carroll AP Boosters has approved the scholarship selection criteria which requires each applicant to submit an essay on a topic to be selected by Scholarship Chair with the approval of the Executive Board. To ensure integrity of the scholarship process, the essays and applications are reviewed with a numerical system and the winners selected without any association to names by the review committee.
AP Teacher Liaison - Charmy Kariyawasam
Flyers  - Wing Franks

CISD Representative - Gina Peddy, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Advanced Academics, G/T, LOTE, CTE and Library Services Coordinator